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From before the first pregnancy until they’re on their own contributing to the world being a better place…

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  4. Phases of Parenting

    From before conception through the time they’re out of the house, on their own, and contributing to creating a better world, parenting goes through several phases where we have to control our environment rather than letting the environment control us. Just like in nature, the survival of the fittest, “the fittest” are those that control their environment the most. Don’t be a sheep – be a Lion. Your child relies on you to be the one who is strong, who knows what to do. Keep in mind that what “society” knows to do will result in 1 in 2 children being made autistic by 2025. Those odds are not good for good survival, or your sanity. Want to practically guarantee that your future child isn’t autistic, depsite what the trends say will happen? Read well. We’ve been researching this stuff for nearly two decades.


    Starting earlier helps ensure you have more control over some epigenetic tweaks that can give your baby an advantage through life.

    Birth - Infant

    Critical years to the future health and well-being of your new baby, pregnancy and this time period has unnatural social acceptances that weaken your new baby in every way.

    Toddler - Pre-K

    Have you been led to believe that babies and toddlers don’t understand you? That they’re a “blank slate”? Want to know the truth?


    If you want more positive control over your baby’s health, you might have to go against socially enforced weakness! Very important.

    School Age

    During these years they’re in school, growing more and more distant unless you talk more. Parenting can be challenging here.

    Birth & Breastfeeding

    Hospital drugs, social fears, big pharma mis-information campaigns and more force you to do wrong thinking you’re doing right!

    Teen Plus

    Your children are ready to be on their own usually earlier than you’re willing to let them go. What can you do to help them in the interim?